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With a vibrant 30-year history as a family-run greengrocer at Borough Market, Turnips Restaurant emerges as a distinct dining destination that places quality at the core of flavor. Collaborating with Chef Patron Tomas Lidakevicius, renowned for his experience in London’s top restaurants, Turnips offers a dining experience rooted in the belief that outstanding produce is the foundation of unparalleled taste. The menu, tailored for tastings and small plates, invites you to relish unmatched seasonal cooking, embodying the enduring expertise in greengrocery and culinary finesse.

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Turnips Restaurant skillfully channels the captivating essence of Borough Market, where the dynamic energy of this culinary hotspot intertwines with the restaurant’s own distinctive atmosphere. The open-ceiling design adds an extra layer to the dining experience, offering patrons a view of the market’s unique architecture.

This fusion of the market’s lively ambiance with the restaurant’s elegant interior creates a seamless and inviting space, where the character of Borough Market effortlessly complements the overall dining charm.

Turnips Restaurant invites you to savor the essence of the seasons with a set lunch and dinner tasting menus. Priced at approximately 65 British pounds for lunch and around 110 British pounds for dinner, the menus showcase the finest, culinary interpretations of in-season produce. Alternatively, choose from our à la carte options, with dishes ranging from 15 to 40 pounds.

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Stepping into Borough Market after hours was like stumbling upon a secret garden, a place reserved for those seeking a unique culinary escapade. The friendly greetings from the staff enveloped me in a warm embrace, setting the stage for an evening that promised to be nothing short of magical. The pop of the sparkling wine cork echoed the beginning of a night filled with delightful surprises.

Among the unexpected highlights was the piping-hot, home-baked bread paired with a black garlic butter so rich in umami that I couldn’t resist ordering a second serving. Each bite was a revelation, an intimate dance of flavors that spoke to the chef’s dedication to the craft. The subsequent courses unfolded like chapters in a personal gastronomic story – from the delicate pea chawanmushi to the savory chicken of the woods, and the vibrant ensemble of jolly green asparagus, globe artichoke, and Lincolnshire broccoli.

The grand finale, a dessert crafted by the chef apprentice that evening, added a sweet touch to the narrative. The whole experience felt like a private feast orchestrated just for me, leaving behind an unforgettable tapestry of flavorful memories.

Leaving with a heart full of satisfaction and taste buds still tingling, I couldn’t help but contemplate when I could return. For those now eager to embark on a similar adventure, reservations are undoubtedly recommended.

TURNIPS with Tomas Lidakevicius

43 Borough Market
London SE1 9AH

+44 (0)2073 578 356


Dinner 6.15pm-11pm

Lunch 12pm-3pm
Dinner 6.15pm-11pm

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