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About Me, Myself, & Anna

My name is Anna, and I love good food. Good food, for me, equals happiness, contentment, coziness, and togetherness–and I’m willing to go as far as claiming that it even positively impacts our mental wellbeing.

This is where Packt’s An! comes in. I want to create a space that will help you be kind to yourselves. I want to share recipes, experiences, and products to inspire you to create moments of self-compassion. Ultimately, giving ourselves the same kindness and care we’d give to a good friend.

The recipes featured on Packt’s an! are categorized by human sentiments. Ultimately, making it easier for you to find exactly what you might be craving in the very moment, allowing you to easily respond to your ever-changing moods.

I’ve cooked and prepared every recipe on Packt’s an! They can be simple or sophisticated and elaborate–yet always delicious–and just what you need to feel a little bit happier.

Either way, I’ll make every effort to describe everything as precisely as possible so that you can achieve your personal care goal.

Packt’s An! is, I believe, simply put, my attempt to escape the world’s hustle by investing time in things that make our daily lives richer.

Yours, Anna

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