Diekmann: A Culinary Gem in West Berlin with a Heart for Quality


Nestled in the serene side streets just off the renowned Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, Diekmann emerges as a culinary haven awaiting discovery.

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The restaurant’s dedication to detail extends beyond its inviting ambiance, encompassing the very essence of its culinary offerings. Since 1982, Diekmann has been harmonizing the best of German and French cuisine on its tables. The love for quality and freshness is evident in the regional ingredients meticulously sourced and combined with the finest oysters from Cancale, crispy bread from their own oven, home made butter, and a thoughtfully curated selection of wines.

At Diekmann, the kitchen takes center stage, serving as the heart of the establishment. The gifted native Berliner, Max Günther, surprises with a craftsmanship that is both assured and unpretentious. His culinary creations captivate with plates that remain close to the essence of each ingredient, elevating the rich flavors above mere product experiences.

What truly distinguishes Diekmann is not only its culinary process but also the unpretentious and welcoming service.

Despite its reputation for first-class dining, the staff exude warmth and hospitality, ensuring that guests feel at ease in the refined yet approachable atmosphere. This balance of sophistication and unassuming charm, combined with Chef Max Günther’s culinary finesse, makes Diekmann a standout choice for those seeking an exceptional dining experience in Berlin.

Opening Times: Monday–Sunday: 12:00 PM–3:00 PM, 6:30 PM–11:00 PM

Menu Prices:

  • Starters: €14–€18
  • Main Courses: €28–€38
  • Desserts: €12–€15

Contact: Diekmann Restaurant Meinekestraße 10, 10719 Berlin,
Phone: +49 30 881 11 84
Email: info@diekmann-berlin.de
Website: diekmann-berlin.de

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